The Weekend Drives that Led to a Reimagined Supply Chain

WayCool Foods’ Journey from SunnyBee to the B2B Segment

It all began with long weekend drives, where Karthik Jayaraman, Sanjay Dasari, and a couple of Karthik’s co-workers from the automobile company would pick a spot like the Koyambedu market or the Parry’s Corner grain market and slowly retrace the supply chain over the months. You may be wondering why a group of professionals from the automotive design and manufacturing sector were interested in the origins of food.

“The automotive industry has a tendency to go into recession every five years before it crawls its way out once again,” reveals Karthik. The cut-throat competition within the industry meant that most of the focus was on the supply chain. A seasoned professional who was exhausted by the cyclic fate of the industry, Karthik believed that the talent available within his network would give him the scope to gather a team to create a bigger impact on a larger population.

Meanwhile, Karthik’s colleague-turned-family friend’s son, Sanjay, had just returned from the US after finishing business school. This wasn’t the first time they pursued a potential start-up idea together. “There was a time we were bouncing off ideas about a potential venture in healthcare,” narrates the co-founder with a sense of nostalgia

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