The Roots of a Growing Healthcare Ecosystem

Along the banks of the Kaveri, in the Temple city of Trichy, Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj recalls his childhood where his brother, cousins and friends would spend hours of euphoria splashing around or simply hanging out on its soft sandy banks. The warm nostalgic feeling of comfort and familiarity along the clear bobbling waters stuck to their minds and hearts when they became first-generation doctors and entrepreneurs that dreamt of bringing world-class healthcare to the tier-II cities of Tamil Nadu.

“My parents were neither in healthcare nor entrepreneurship,” narrates the doctor explaining that his passion for entrepreneurship stemmed from his father’s entrepreneurial instincts (a result of the frustration from the lack of autonomy as an engineer in a government job), “He strongly believed that we shouldn’t pursue a generic career.”

As a young high school boy, it was his dream to become an engineer. After all, the eighties were the Golden Ages of engineering. His passion for physics and chemistry landed him engineering seats at reputed universities, however, his father had other plans. “My older brother had found his passion in medicine and was already halfway through his degree in Chennai. My father believed that a medical degree would give me a better career,” with a hearty laugh the doctor pro

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