The Journey of a Tech-Savvy Yogi

“It’s where yoga meets lifestyle design!” giggles an effervescent Sushmitha Shrikanth describing her personal brand Sushi Yogi. The 25-year-old certified yoga instructor went through a wild path of self-discovery before she became a yoga and wellness coach. “I was introduced to yoga when I was about eight—like most other Indian parents, mine forced me to attend a class where an instructor would sit in the center and tell us to inhale and exhale,” she recalls, “It was boring. I had no clue what was going on, but I did it anyway.” A few classes in, everything changed. “I found out that I had a superpower,” she says with a grin, “I could rotate my shoulders entirely because I was double-jointed which made me more flexible than the others.” She walked out of class that day amused, thinking to herself, “Wow, I’m special!”

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