The 21st Century Bookmaker

Aadithiya Raajan, a theater artist at heart, and a recent engineering graduate from Anna University, was going about his 9-to-5 job, dreaming of ways to build a Creative with a group of fellow passionate actors and dramatists from 5-to-9. Little did he think that he would have to take up his family printing business on sudden notice. At this crossroad in his life, he pushed these dreams to the sidelines and shifted his focus to the printing press, which at that time was working on a B2B model, serving publications and corporate orders.

In an attempt to not get completely thrown off by the turn of events, Raajan did what he knew best. Improv. “Being a theatre artist, I hang out with a lot of creative people. I recalled one of them complaining about how they couldn’t get good quality sketchbooks in India.” Assuming the character of ‘the Bookmaker’, he went back to the artist and dived deeper into the problems with the products available in the Indian market. “Either the paper quality or the binding wasn’t great. If both were good, it was too expensive.”

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