Indigenous Accessories with an International Audience

Srithi Sadagopan a.k.a Srirang (because most South Indian’s are given a second name after their place of birth) spent her entire life in the temple town of Srirangam until her marriage. The soft-spoken, 23 year old small-town girl was just about to jump into a life that would transform her life entirely. She moved halfway across the world, to the US for 12 years with her husband only to return to India as a bold entrepreneur with a philanthropic desire.

The eco-friendly accessory brand, SriRang (also a hat-tip to her hometown) is a manifestation of Srithi’s life-long passion for fabrics and her inherent desire to help those around her. “My house help, Shanthi, required financial assistance for her son’s education so I decided that while I helped her out, I would also ensure that she could employ her talents to sustainably support herself.” Coincidentally, Shanthi had a knack for stitching and the two began working collaboratively designing bags.

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