GenZ Coaching: for Students by Students

Who would think two graduates in architecture would find the ideal platform to help the next generation of students find their ideal coaches? Rohit Raheja and Sachit Dugar have found the secret to making school kids want to learn. Through their EdTech platform, Mentor Match, the team has successfully ‘matched’ college students from institutions like the IITs, BITS, Christ College, and NITT with more than 500 school students between classes 3 and 12, around India. “The concept is very simple. You would not follow your teacher on Instagram and you would definitely not be open to telling them about that party you went to last night,” shrugs Rohit. The young start-up works bearing that concept in mind, similar to the Big Brother Big Sister program.

“People always wonder how a couple of architecture graduates ended up in EdTech.” Rohit clarifies that his architectural education made the biggest impact on creating the unique initiative. In fact, the entire idea behind Mentor Match started when he was over at his friend’s place while they were collaborating on an architecture project. His friend’s mother was complaining about how she was spending a lot of money on her 10th grade daughter’s tuition, but her grades were not improving and the board exams were nearing. “I had just…

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