From Incubated to Incubating – GUVI’s Journey towards Changing the Way People Learn

On April 24th 2021, GUVI, a Chennai based education platform made some noise by breaking a Guinness World Record, in memory of Sri Devi, co-founder of the company, to honour her ideologies about educating the masses. Supported by AICity, GUVI conducted an AI for India program where 10 lakh Indians were upskilled online in 24 hours. Noticing a positive impact on 1 lakh people, the platform intends to extend the period of free access to this online workshop. Now a well known name in the education sector, the company has grown significantly since its humble beginnings.

When Arun Prakash, first graduate from his family, returned to his Alma Mater in the temple city of Madurai, after ten years for an alumni meet, he noticed a lot of changes. “The small plants had become trees, there were additional buildings, the number of buses had increased from 20 to 70, the number of students had increased, but one thing stayed the same. The students were still not exposed to the industry.“

He stood at a crossroad: he could either criticize the education system and return to his day job at PayPal or take the path less trodden and do

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