Canine India: A Local Business Abroad

Julia Pape, Lawyer and Political Journalist, born in Germany, transformed into ‘Sulthan’,  Savior of the Indies (and other canines and felines) when she moved to Chennai with her husband, Harish, in the year 2017.

Her earlier travels around Asia made her realise her love for these furry outlaws. “I have always loved nothing more than the dogs and the cats on the street. So obviously when we came here (to Chennai), I was very keen on picking them all up and getting them home.”

Back in Germany, Julia says that thinking about adopting a pet was almost always followed by a three to six month process that involved studying nutrition, finding a trainer, reading up about the species, talking to friends, preparing its place and creating new schedules before the pet was brought home.

However, her first pet in India took her by surprise. “My husband called me around lunchtime and said, hey, do you want to meet me over lunch? My parents said they found a dog in a hole and it’s probably going to die. So they’re asking if you want it.” Julia recalls, “No human could ever say no to that, right?” Ironically so, Julia found herself quickly preparing by making a collar with a…

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