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Childhood friends, Suresh Kumar G and George Christopher have travelled a long journey together—long after their evenings under the Sun, playing cricket in the paddy fields of Rettai Vaikkal, a small neighbourhood in Trichy, well known for its Murugan Temple. Like most other third grade friends, their paths diverged for college and afterwards, when they began work for corporations. However, fate had it that they once again converged paths when their careers took them to the US.

Back then, Intel used to launch developer challenges (much like the hackathons of today). These competitions would involve developing a fully functional app within ten days of releasing a topic. The childhood friends, who were now working full-time jobs, casually enrolled for the competition, only to soon realise that they were up against large companies that deployed their top-of-the-line talent to win. The duo stayed up at night to work on this competition as their day jobs did not allow them much free time. Realizing that the odds were against them they decided to strategize well in advance.

“Every application usually has about 50% common components—like the login page, a one-time password (OTP) generation system, a ‘forgot password’ link, payment system, and so on. So we developed all these components before the competition, and…

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