Towards the outskirts of Erode, amidst the claps and whirrs of the weaving equipment, one will find C. Sivagurunathan, wearing Khadi head to toe sitting amidst the weavers in the tiny village of Chennimalai—popularly known as the weaving town. The village is home to generations of weavers whose population has seen a sharp decline since globalization.

Sivagurunathan was born into a family of weavers himself. However, like most other millennials from the outskirts of the city, his family urged him to move to Chennai to pursue a more financially stable career at an IT company. Ten years into his career, Sivagurunathan was climbing the ladders of the corporate world—travelling between Bangalore and Chennai, working on different types of hardware and software in the banking sector and earning enough money to start a family.

Sivagurunathan's Nurpu Handloom Weaving School Ecosystem

Life was perfect, but to the young IT employee, it always felt like something was missing. “I used to spend a lot of my free time reading books,” reveals Sivagurunathan, “One of my friends introduced me to the book, ‘Mann Puzhu’ published by the Cuckoo Forest Movement. It changed my life!” The book dealt with themes surrounding the pollution of water bodies….


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