Circa 2018. It’s a Saturday evening. Manchester United vs Arsenal is being screened. The crowd roars. Muffled cheers are heard from the room. There is a rap at the door. “It’s a part-time job!” they scream over the cursing and rambling as Arsenal scores another goal.

Bernaud Thomson and Harrison (Harry) James Nelson were friends since school, united by their obsession with football and Manchester United. “Bernie here, used to be team captain back in school!” Harrison points at Bernaud who took up a banking job after college. Harrison on the other hand pursued sports more seriously and opened a multi-sporting facility called Aadukalam in Royapuram.

Though the two took very different paths after school, their passion for football always brought them together. The Manchester United fans, now in their thirties, were married and had children. The family responsibilities made watching matches increasingly difficult. “Both of our wives work during the week so our families would want to relax during the weekend,” Harry explains. “Saturday and Sunday evenings! Exactly when the match is telecasted,” Bernaud exclaims.

Watching football soon became a luxury. “Let’s pretend this is work and not selfish entertainment,” they thought when they decided they would start a watch-along. For those of you, like me, who…


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