“Everyone refers to us as the school that provides the teachers with electric vehicles!” chuckles Lakshmi Ramamurthy, founder of Amyga Academy. The Academy is paving the way to world-class education in remote villages around India while empowering the rural women who contributed to the local rural schools—also known as the Anganwadi.

Lakshmi’s career started in Bangalore as a Chartered Accountant. The first ten years of her career were all about finance and had very little to do with education. “It is still strange,” she recollects looking into a distance, “My switch from finance to education,” she adds while laughing. 

The Chartered Accountant applied for an operations role at the finance and accounting wing of Capgemini. At the job interview, she was greeted by an HR who was impressed by her resume but did not have a suitable opening for her. 

“Just as we got up and shook hands she stopped mid-way,” remembers Lakshmi, “The HR revealed that they were desperately looking for someone to lead the finance and accounting training department.” The job description piqued her interest. She was also thrilled to create and head a team on her own. As a result, she…


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