Cities are characterised by the hustle and bustle of honking vehicles and traffic, but with the pandemic, there was a double fold increase in the number of cycle purchases. The lock-down made cycles a cost-effective replacement to crowded public transport. Cycling groups have been existing for a while now, but the pandemic saw a surge in the number of cyclists. As people started spending more time at home, cycling became a popular recreational activity amidst all age groups.

Erode based Sricharen Sridhar converted his life-long passion for car performance tuning  into an entrepreneurial venture in the automobile servicing sector before moving to Chennai to work with Audi. It wasn’t long before he was enticed by the cost efficiency, reduced travel time and the pleasure that came with riding a cycle in the city. This happened long before the cycling-fad that the deadly virus brought along.

One day, his kids’ cycles were in need of servicing. It was with this experience that Sricharen realized that getting a cycle repaired was not a walk in the park. It involved transporting the cycles to the place where they were bought (which in his case was not very close by) and returning after a couple of days to retrieve them. Having bagged about 12 years of experience in the service sector, it did not come…


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