“A newlywed couple sent me flowers from their wedding garlands to add to their memory box recently!” gushes Amrita Giriraj. It’s the stories that inspire the products at Alankaara. The jewellery and lifestyle brand relentlessly explores the concept of preserving fragments of time through resin art.

At fifteen, Amrita found herself drifting towards science two—a high school course focused on zoology and botany. There was something about plants that made time stand still—be it dissecting or drawing flower parts in her biology record.

Like most unaware high schoolers, Amrita didn’t dwell much on her niche interests. She pursued the humanities in the eleventh grade where she dived into the world of history and psychology. “Back in school, our biggest goals were to pass the exams,” Amrita chuckles, breaking away from her moment of nostalgia, “However, as I post-rationalise my path, I can see how all of this influenced me to start Alankaara.”

After four years of studying visual arts, Amrita pursued a master’s degree in textile design at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. “Textile design was a no-brainer. I could easily understand how to apply surface design.” 

The second year of graduate school was the game-changer. During her final semester, she…


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