As Jeff Bezos said, “There’ll always be serendipity in discovery,” it is probably an important factor in JOGO Health and how an engineer-turned-sales head discovered the science and is today turned it into a thriving business.

“I was rolling off a project that delivered e-payments capability to one of the leading telecom service providers at that time,” recalls Sanjai Murali, “only to find one of the largest banks acquire the technology and kill it.” The founders at his consulting firm who were telco experts, recognized that he was not only good in engineering but also had great sales and business development skills. They promptly tasked him with heading sales and growing the firm, and over the next few years, Sanjai helped set up their India offices, and delivered good growth. Eventually, even that came to a pass, and he was wondering what he could do next. While it was a good run, it left him unfulfilled.

The CEO of the firm had helped create early product prototypes for Dr. Joseph Brudny and Dr. Gordon Silverman – early pioneers at using neuroplasticity for stroke rehabilitation.  He set up a meeting between these doctors and Sanjai. While Sanjai took the meeting out of courtesy and curiosity, he didn’t envision that it would change…


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