Most of us tend to see glass as brittle and intimidating, but Radhika Krish, the founder of Goli Soda Glass Studio, is “cracking” that belief—one art piece at a time. “I always thought the “goli soda” bottles from my younger days were intriguing. I remember spending hours trying to get the goli (marble) out of the bottle,” Radhika recalls with nostalgia, “Making art with glass brings back those memories. Hence, the name.” (It is also because glass is made of soda-lime.)

How did glass art become Radhika’s true calling? She originally majored in management information systems, followed by jobs at Capital One and later at a pharmaceutical company. It was only during her maternity break—while she was looking for hobbies to pursue—that she stumbled upon a glass art class at Ohio State University. “I decided I’d take an introduction class on the weekend, and see if I liked it. It was just an extracurricular thing since I had to get back to work as well,” she recalls laughing, “One class led to another, and the next thing I knew, I had spent about six years here. I learned so much about glass through these classes. I took so many art classes at OSU that I decided that I might as well pursue fine…


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