Vizha: A celebration of design, life, and more

Vizha is an event curation company where food, clothing, design and more meet creativity with an eco-friendly touch.
Plush is a Chennai-based women-centered hygiene brand that focuses on comfort and sustainability.
Fullfily is building a comprehensive EV-as-a-service platform to build cost-efficient and eco-friendly delivery solutions for small businesses.
Smoose helps restaurants tackle operational hurdles that prevent them from scaling.
UzhavarBumi is a result of the Jallikattu Protest of 2017. The startup provides dairy farmers with a sustainable income while working towards ensuring every child gets access to unadulterated milk.
Nappinnai empowers people with electric vehicles
Chennai-based Raptee Energy is designing electric motorbikes for the Indian context.
GreenPod Labs’ sustainable sachets trigger the in-built defence mechanism of the crop, thereby increasing its shelf life.
Learn with Comics delivers bite-sized knowledge to K-12 kids, especially in tier-2 cities.
From e-bikes to solar-powered energy storage solutions, Hardik and Gautam Narula have big plans to make clean energy technology more ubiquitous.
Samudhyoga Waste Chakra is working towards a circular economy through decentralized systems.
Rajani Seshadri and Rani Muralidharan are mentoring women and bringing them back to the workforce.
MADIEE Games is a game-based coaching organization combining the worlds of behavioral science, immersive gaming, and mental models.
VayuJal, a startup based in IIT Madras Research Park, looks into the future of potable water.
A couple of architecture students are designing an EdTech company that kids love.
Sanjai Murali’s JOGO Health is transforming the space of chronic residual disability with digital therapeutics—one patient at a time.
George Christopher, co-founder of Macappstudio talks about how treating their startup like an experiment led them to revolutionize the software industry in Tamil Nadu while growing an international client base.
Fix My Cycle renders bicycle repair services in India, South Africa and is very soon expanding to Dubai and the US. Founder Sricharen Sridhar recounts his journey.
Founders of Hypto, Aravind Sriraman and Abhishek Rajagopal get candid about the highs and lows of starting a Fintech Company in Chennai.
Incubated at IIT Madras Research Park, GUVI co-founders Arun Prakash and Bala Murugan discuss the barriers to learning and how they solved them.
Chai outlets in the coffee capital? Jahabar Sadique, co-founder and CEO of Chai Kings talks about how they did it.