Cracking the snack code

EnChipsu is a food-based company that’s on a mission to put Nagercoil’s Nendran chips on the global map as an ode to the local culinary craftsmanship.
Anuhya Reddy went to London as an Architect and returned as a Pastry Chef driving the dessert realm of Chennai.
Senthil Kumar Balu applies cancer research to cake baking.
Alankaara uses resin art to preserve precious memories.
Zitter redefines gifting during the festive season.
In a world of streetwear and urban fashion, Angi brings old school Tamil culture to the forefront.
Ambaram and Thuvam provide sustainable handloom products for women and children, tailored to beat the heat.
Bindhu Hephzibah bakes delectable cakes that tell thought-provoking stories inspired by Tamil literature and culture.
Local designer brand SAA’s founder, Ashaa Vigashini, designs tailor-made clothes that fit you and your story.
Chennai-based filmmaker and entrepreneur, Sruti Harihara Subramanian, promotes a sustainable lifestyle through her quirky brand Goli Soda.
Radhika Shastry’s Cafe Diem is a must-visit experience on the hills.
Gem & Co. a popular pen company founded pre-independence, survives the digital revolution and is becoming increasingly popular once again.
Gen Z entrepreneur, Avi Natesan, takes us through her journey of converting hobbies into profitable businesses.
Namrata Sundaresan, Co-founder of Käse recalls how a vacation to Coonoor led to a series of unexpected events and an unplanned entrepreneurial venture.
Karthic Rathinam talks about how being a broke student sparked an idea that made him quit design school to become an entrepreneur.
Timing is everything. Co-founder of Green Crush, Kalavathy Ramesh reveals how their sugarcane juice brand gained such a large, young following.
Daya Shivani gets candid about running a cloud kitchen in the age of home bakers and Instagram influencers.