Where cultures collide and empathy abounds in children’s tales

The Little Dipper Publishing is an independent publishing house that aims to create an inclusive and culturally diverse space in the children’s literary world.
Puvidham School is an alternate school centered around the child’s innate curiosity and the five elements of nature.
Palluyir trust is an organisation for young environmentalists that experiments with unconventional forms of education.
The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) creates a support system against domestic violence and interpersonal offenses.
Amyga Academy empowers rural women to provide world-class education in the local Anganwadis.
A generation of football leagues in Tamil Nadu have thrived in silence. Football Makka brings them to light.
The Whakapapa Foundation is breaking the economic divide by promoting a local boxing academy.
The student-led NGO, Nonurban Foundation, founded by Thein Sowrirajan is finding solutions to facilitate the aspirations of rural communities.
Solitude Farm brings back the concept of living off the land.
Neelam Jain is pushing hard for corporate India to accept Transgenders and give them meaningful employment.