The Little Dipper Publishing is an independent publishing house that aims to create an inclusive and culturally diverse space in the children’s literary world.
Fullfily is building a comprehensive EV-as-a-service platform to build cost-efficient and eco-friendly delivery solutions for small businesses.
Smoose helps restaurants tackle operational hurdles that prevent them from scaling.
Anuhya Reddy went to London as an Architect and returned as a Pastry Chef driving the dessert realm of Chennai.
Plastic Free Madras, as the name suggests, aims to win the heart of the people of Chennai to create a movement against single-use plastic.
UzhavarBumi is a result of the Jallikattu Protest of 2017. The startup provides dairy farmers with a sustainable income while working towards ensuring every child gets access to unadulterated milk.
Palluyir trust is an organisation for young environmentalists that experiments with unconventional forms of education.
Senthil Kumar Balu applies cancer research to cake baking.
Alankaara uses resin art to preserve precious memories.
The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) creates a support system against domestic violence and interpersonal offenses.
Amyga Academy empowers rural women to provide world-class education in the local Anganwadis.
Nappinnai empowers people with electric vehicles
Nilayaan reduces the compound effect of household waste.
Zitter redefines gifting during the festive season.
A generation of football leagues in Tamil Nadu have thrived in silence. Football Makka brings them to light.
Silaii is making history by immortalising public figures, celebrities, family members and even pets through crafted statues.
Chennai-based Raptee Energy is designing electric motorbikes for the Indian context.
In a world of streetwear and urban fashion, Angi brings old school Tamil culture to the forefront.
WayCool Foods is the brainchild of two Chennai-based entrepreneurs who dared to reimagine the farm to fork supply chain.
GreenPod Labs’ sustainable sachets trigger the in-built defence mechanism of the crop, thereby increasing its shelf life.
The Kauvery Group of Hospitals started as a small group of first-generation doctors and entrepreneurs who dreamt of making great healthcare affordable in Trichy.
Citta Handmade is a brand born from Niranjana Krishnakumar’s co-incidental discovery of her passion for art.
Learn with Comics delivers bite-sized knowledge to K-12 kids, especially in tier-2 cities.
From e-bikes to solar-powered energy storage solutions, Hardik and Gautam Narula have big plans to make clean energy technology more ubiquitous.
The team at MAAVILAI is finding approachable ways to teach architectural techniques and sustainable principles in Tamil.
Nurpu revives the handloom weaving community of Chennimalai and teaches the art form to the next generation.
The Whakapapa Foundation is breaking the economic divide by promoting a local boxing academy.
Ambaram and Thuvam provide sustainable handloom products for women and children, tailored to beat the heat.
Samudhyoga Waste Chakra is working towards a circular economy through decentralized systems.
Uru is transforming the Indian musical ecosystem.
From rewiring vintage chairs and cots to custom designing woven furniture, Irukkai makes craftsmanship accessible all over India.
Rajani Seshadri and Rani Muralidharan are mentoring women and bringing them back to the workforce.
MADIEE Games is a game-based coaching organization combining the worlds of behavioral science, immersive gaming, and mental models.
Sushmitha Shrikanth’s concept of Introspection through Movement is where yoga meets lifestyle design.
Bindhu Hephzibah bakes delectable cakes that tell thought-provoking stories inspired by Tamil literature and culture.
The student-led NGO, Nonurban Foundation, founded by Thein Sowrirajan is finding solutions to facilitate the aspirations of rural communities.
Local designer brand SAA’s founder, Ashaa Vigashini, designs tailor-made clothes that fit you and your story.
Chennai-based filmmaker and entrepreneur, Sruti Harihara Subramanian, promotes a sustainable lifestyle through her quirky brand Goli Soda.
Nikita Raisinghani uses the creative arts in her counseling sessions at Horizon Therapy Centre.
Solitude Farm brings back the concept of living off the land.
Radhika Shastry’s Cafe Diem is a must-visit experience on the hills.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s parkour! Vishal Kumar talks about Chennai’s new popular fitness regiment.
SriRang’s eco-friendly accessories bring Indian craftsmanship to the forefront, becoming a wardrobe essential for women across the globe.
VayuJal, a startup based in IIT Madras Research Park, looks into the future of potable water.
Goli Soda Glass Studio introduces Chennai to a new hobby.
A couple of architecture students are designing an EdTech company that kids love.
Toy Designer, Kanaka Ananth not only designs games for Indian kids but also brings design services to tier-2 cities in South India.
Gem & Co. a popular pen company founded pre-independence, survives the digital revolution and is becoming increasingly popular once again.
Gen Z entrepreneur, Avi Natesan, takes us through her journey of converting hobbies into profitable businesses.
Neelam Jain is pushing hard for corporate India to accept Transgenders and give them meaningful employment.
Aadithiya Raajan, founder of The Bookmaker Store brings out the essence of paper in the digital age.
TanaBana artists in the Salem studio create patterns for wide applications on global brand products.
Sanjai Murali’s JOGO Health is transforming the space of chronic residual disability with digital therapeutics—one patient at a time.
George Christopher, co-founder of Macappstudio talks about how treating their startup like an experiment led them to revolutionize the software industry in Tamil Nadu while growing an international client base.
Namrata Sundaresan, Co-founder of Käse recalls how a vacation to Coonoor led to a series of unexpected events and an unplanned entrepreneurial venture.
Karthic Rathinam talks about how being a broke student sparked an idea that made him quit design school to become an entrepreneur.
Fix My Cycle renders bicycle repair services in India, South Africa and is very soon expanding to Dubai and the US. Founder Sricharen Sridhar recounts his journey.
Timing is everything. Co-founder of Green Crush, Kalavathy Ramesh reveals how their sugarcane juice brand gained such a large, young following.
From Germany to India, Julia Pape discusses balancing activism with entrepreneurship while learning to embrace the cultural differences.
Founders of Hypto, Aravind Sriraman and Abhishek Rajagopal get candid about the highs and lows of starting a Fintech Company in Chennai.
Incubated at IIT Madras Research Park, GUVI co-founders Arun Prakash and Bala Murugan discuss the barriers to learning and how they solved them.
Gen Z designers and founders of the lifestyle brand Narah, Sneha Chakrapani and Liza Jane Fernandez discuss sustainable aesthetics.
Chai outlets in the coffee capital? Jahabar Sadique, co-founder and CEO of Chai Kings talks about how they did it.
Daya Shivani gets candid about running a cloud kitchen in the age of home bakers and Instagram influencers.