It is 2013. Senthil Kumar Balu was in Perth on a short stint as a visiting academic at Curtin University’s stem cell research centre. The door opens as Senthil Kumar Balu walks into his friend’s house with a chocolate cake. This was the first time he had ever used an oven or even attempted baking. He placed his contribution on a table amidst the other food that the guests had made for the potluck dinner.

Everyone gathered around with disposable plates and cutlery. Amidst the chatter and the chewing, Senthil noticed a hand go for his cake. He held his breath as his eyes grew wide from nervous anticipation. “This cake is delicious!” exclaimed the guest. Senthil instantly let out a sigh of relief as everyone began reaching out for the delectable dessert. 


Once he returned to Chennai, he decided to dabble in baking a little bit more. “It was never on the cards,” he laughs. Nevertheless, the researcher indulged in kitchen experiments as a hobby. As he got comfortable in the kitchen, the health-conscious biologist-turned-weekend-baker began looking for healthier substitutes for core ingredients like white flour and refined sugar. 

Problems are fascinating. Finding…


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