Born in Delhi, made in Chennai (as they proudly label themselves)—Hardik and Gautam Narula are the rare passionate engineers who are often found with their sleeves rolled up, pursuing esoteric hobbies such as scavenging obscure mechanical parts or with their heads bent over a pile of old and new hardware pulled apart from diverse electronic paraphernalia scattered across a table. “We enjoyed playing around with permutations and combinations of the laws of physics, mechanics and electronics from a very young age,” the brothers share a glance before they break into laughter, “We wanted to make technology that could help the world.”

Following their engineering degrees and Hardik’s career at a Pune-based startup in the space of hybrid electric scooters, the brothers decided that 2019 (with the EV market scaling) was the year to start their own company. They moved back to Chennai, to set up their very own venture in energy storage solutions—Eclectech Power Packs LLP. 

The brothers were back in the city they grew up in—this time as entrepreneurs. They set up shop in Thiruvanmiyur designed modular lithium-ion battery technology and began reaching out to various…


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