Cracking the snack code

Think banana chips and the crispy delight will instantly transport you to the bustling streets of Kerala, where the air is filled with the irresistible aroma of freshly-fried yellow goodness made from Nendrangai (a variety of banana). But, just 70 kilometers away lies Nagercoil, a town known for its distinct variant of Nendran chips. Thicker […]

A Support System for Small Restaurants

Armed with an excel sheet and young-spirited optimism, Nicky Alfred and Claudin knock on the doors of CEOs from the food industry. “You can scale your brand five x faster with more profits,” Claudin would say, “While investing zero money,” Nicky would add. At that instant, Nicky would input details about the restaurant’s cash flow […]

But We are All Coffee Drinkers, Right?

Tamil Nadu. Chennai. Images of strong Kumbakkonam degree coffee smells wafting in the air, spiraling out of shining “kaapi tumblers” are strongly associated with the Southernmost state of India, and its capital, Chennai. “We were quite confident about launching Chai retail outlets in a coffee capital like Chennai,” says Jahabar Sadique, co-founder and CEO of […]