Six-year-old Sruti Harihara Subramanian grew up in Mylapore with a special love for animals and open spaces. During the vacations, she used to visit her grandparents in a small town amidst the folding green landscapes of Kerala. Her only source of entertainment in this sleepy town was to sit on the steps with the local shopkeeper and open goli soda bottles for the customers. With every ‘pop’ and ‘glug’ she observed that the glass bottle was ready to be refilled with new soda. Little did the girl realise that this event would play a bigger role in her life.

As Sruti grew older, her curiosity only increased. The day she stumbled upon the fact that the animals that she loved so dearly were used to make leather and silk, she decided that she would boycott these objects and become vegan. “Perhaps that was when I started becoming conscious about the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle,” she recollects.

Flashforward 2012, Sruti was rising up the ladders as a filmmaker in the South Indian film industry. “My job took me all around the world. Sometimes we would shoot at remote villages or forests and when I came back home to Chennai I would notice how dirty the city was with garbage bins…


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